2015 Hyundai Elantra Front

2015 Hyundai Elantra

2015 Hyundai Elantra was released this summer, and new model year didn’t brought much news, beside few feature additions, as well as some equipment packages shuffle.

2016 Dodge Rampage Front

2016 Dodge Rampage

The concept of this vehicle was originally presented back in 2006, at the Chicago Auto Show and it announced a whole new era of pick-up trucks from this famous brand.

2016 Buick Regal Front

2016 Buick Regal

2016 model year could bring huge news when it comes to Buick models. Looks like this American car producer decided to bring back its Buick Regal Grand National and Buick Regal GNX, but it remains unknown whether it will be launched as 2016 or 2017 model.

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept Front

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Last year, at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, GM revealed Elmiraj concept for its Cadillac division. This high-luxury concept is built on new platform (currently in development) which will be base for the new top line of Cadillac vehicles.

2016 Buick LaCrosse Front

2016 Buick LaCrosse

2016 Buick LaCrosse will be completely redesigned. Current version of this top sedan is into its second generation of production, which started back in 2010.

2015 Acura ILX Front

2015 Acura ILX

2015 Acura ILX standard model doesn’t bring a lot of news. The biggest news is the end of the Hybrid production, but beside that ILX continues the footsteps of its predecessor, with minor features refreshments made on trim levels.

2015 Hyundai Tucson Front

2015 Hyundai Tucson

2015 Hyundai Tucson is not changed. Popular CUV had major redesign just one year ago, in 2014, and there was no need for any major upgrade. Changes for 2015 model year include addition of Popular Equipment package for the GLS trim, and adding LED taillights on the Limited model as …

2015 Acura RDX Front

2015 Acura RDX

Although 2015 Acura RDX doesn’t bring much news for this model year, it still has a lot to offer. One of the best SUVs from this segment, the RDX, offers great fuel economy, which doesn’t affect the power of the vehicle. Available in two trim levels: base and base with …

2015 Subaru BRZ

2015 Subaru BRZ brings a lot of news. From improved performance, through upgraded interior and exterior to limited version, Subaru make sure that its new BRZ gets a lot of attention.  Subaru presented its 2015 BRZ at 2014 Chicago Auto Show, earlier on this year, and it was noticeable instantly …

2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI

2016 Mitsubishi EVO XI will be developed in the way that it will give the confidence to the company.  The car will come with a better engine and amazing style. The car will have a new redesign and many improvements will also be made on the car with the new …