2017 Honda Civic MPG

With Hondas popularity known for fast efficient sporty cars, it is introducing yet another new model to the market. The Honda civic will be the biggest released family car so far. With a few changes such as a turbocharged motor, Honda enters a class of trademarks to use technology with better engines for all car lovers.

2017 Honda Civic front

2017 Honda Civic Exterior and Interior

Looking at all recent photo details of the 2017 Honda Civic, there are number of new details that have been incorporated in the design. The most outstanding feature is there are three exhaust pipes mounted. Two big are placed side by side, with a minute one in the middle. The rear doors handles also have an upgrade, as they now have a C-pillar mount handle from the traditional pull handles. An additional vertical brake duct has been added, with the headlights missing the popular side air inlets available in predecessors. The front area also has a more upright Honda badge to it, making it look both processional and sporty at the same time.
When it comes to the interior of the 2017 Honda Civic, more of the original interior designs of the predecessors is maintained. One of the features that remain is the heavily reinforced seats. In addition the dashboard area will still spot a casual sporty like design, with both analog and digital displays. Accents of red and black on the seats and cockpit are will also be available. Cargo area expanding is also realizable, as second rows are easily foldable.

2017 Honda Civic rear2017 Honda Civic Engine 

The main feature of the 2017 Honda Civic is the new engine. The current powertrain in the faster version is 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which includes direct fuel injection. On the other hand the widely manufactured version, will have a 1.0 liter turbocharge three cylinder. However its main highlight yet is the all-aluminum construction, making it weigh less. Taking a closer look at specifications, the Honda civics horsepower levels is 127 and torque outputs of 148lb pound-feet. Although a little less than the previous model, acceleration hits 62 mph in 9.5 sec. However performance on the highway is powerful as turbocharge given is useful, and a gear shift to fifth or sixth is possible even while overtaking. 2017 Honda Civic with the new technology engine fuel economy is achieved as it takes 66mpg, with its top speed at 130mph.

2017 Honda Civic interior2017 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

Pricing of the 2017 Honda Civic is expected to start at selling price of £16,000, this translates to $ 23,500 according to exchange rates. Release date although yet to be confirmed is expected in early 2017.

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