2016 Honda Civic News

Civic is one of the absolute most desired designs from Honda’s factory. Every brand new automobile from this lineup is excitedly waited from followers and enthusiasts. But, to be closer to their best market and to attract purchasers by reducing the costs, Honda requires to relocate its manufacturing to the US. Because of that, base of the development staff for the Civic 2016 will be in United States, rumors are informing. In accordance to them, 2016 Honda Civic will be build in 14 factories worldwide and it’s going to be distributed in over 160 nations. Nevertheless, more than 50 % of cars ended in North America, so it’s going to be exact same situation with 2016 Civic.

2016 Honda Civic Side

2016 Honda Civic made in US

Going the manufacturing to the US won’t affect 2016 Honda Civic overall performance or styling plans therefore a lot. It’s going to be done primarily because of the purchasers. With factories and building in United States, Honda would reduce different types of expenses, and with that, vehicle would price less. And with appeal of Civic lineup, purchasers would be delighted to see cheaper automobile in 2016. Brand new  2016 Honda Civic is anticipated to get a brand new motor, which could satisfy needs of the United States effectiveness rules. Of program, organization requires to adjust to the market, so we could expect couple of alterations and kinds of machines. Just what could be interesting for US purchasers and is component of the plans for 2016 Civic is hatchback car. This might be subject for considering interior company’s administration, because final hatchback had been revoked from United States market in 2005 because of bad product sales documents. But on the other part, since then it’s much better selling automobile than sedan variation in the EU markets. This might be a lengthy range strategy of worldwide reach for Honda.

2016 Honda Civic Rear

2016 Honda Civic engine

With 2015 Civic still to be launched, it’s difficult to anticipate exactly what will be under the bonnet of the vehicle for 2016 12 months. In accordance to some rumors, Honda is planning 1.5-liter direct-injection gas motor for 2016 Civic. This powertrain will be in a position to create 220 hp, and will be paired with seven-speed dual-clutch transmitting. There’s a choice for the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder motor, and of program present motor, 1.8-l with most likely greater production than 163 hp.

2016 Honda Civic Interior

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