2016 Audi Q1 Release date, price, features

Whenever we look at the brand new 2016 Audi Q1, very first thing we notice is that it is smaller than its predecessors. It is just 3.8 m long, and its size makes it the smallest crossover vehicle in the Audi Q family. The brand new Audi will be set on the platform of the Volkswagen Polo model. We understood that the 2016 Q1 will not have AWD, in fact, it’s not going to be offered as optional as well. All the information and knowledge that we have, are not sure, and are actually presumptions and based on details that we had the chance to see, but none of these news are not verified yet.

2016 Audi Q1 Rear

2016 Audi Q1 performance

Also, though we don’t have formal information about what kind of motor will be embedded in the brand new 2016 Audi Q1, we could be fairly certain that three powertrain devices are at play for the location under the bonnet of the vehicle. 1.4L TFSI petrol engine with 90 hp, 1.4L TDI diesel engine with  3-cylinder and 2.0L petrol engine with 231 hp will most likely be the powertrain of the brand new Q1. It’s stated that within the next year we can expect the 2018 Audi Q1 Hybrid to appear on the market. This model will be prepared with hybrid drive, which will comprise of a combination of 1.2L petrol engine with 110 hp and the electric motor. The gas usage of the powertrain product will be reduced to a big level. It’s predicted that the fuel economy will be rated at 1,51L /100 kilometer, which is impressive.

2016 Audi Q1

2016 Audi Q1 launch date and price

Although there are no any spec information about details of this automobile, we do have information about one thing, and that’s the price. The price for the fundamental model of the mini-crossover, 2016 Audi Q1 shouldn’t be less than $ 27 000. There is a big possibility that this model will not be popular among male purchasers, but it will certainly be a favorite among the women, because of his size and the overall price, including fuel savings.

2016 Audi Q1 Interior


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