2015 Toyota Hilux Release, changes, price & news

2015 Toyota Hilux will have some significant design changes, both within the interior and exterior of the vehicle.  Since its original inception, back in 2005, the vehicle has undergone only minor changes to its design over the years, however Toyota has decided that it is time for some significant changes in this vehicle.

2015 Toyota Hilux Front

2015 Toyota Hilux Engine specs

2015 Toyota Hilux will have improvements in a wide variety of areas.  First, the cargo size of the vehicle will be increased, as well as towing capacity. Latest Hilux will now be able to tow up to three tons, while its cargo size will be increased and will be able to provide more space than before.  In addition, the vehicle is designed to handle different kinds of landscape, all varieties of whether.  Snow, rain, high winds, blazing hot sun, or icy conditions, the 2015 Toyota Hilux is ready to handle the weather.  The focus of the 2015 Hilux designers was to make a combination of increased power and towing capacity, while making it a high-class vehicle.  This improved design will make new Hilux more fun and desirable for future owners. The engine will be facing some new specifications as well.  Because of new guidelines designed by Toyota, there will be new reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions, and a higher efficiency regarding the way that the engines operate.  It will continue to be a powerful track, with all-wheel drive, but it will be designed to improve the economy and efficiency.

2015 Toyota Hilux Rear

2015 Toyota Hilux design, price and release date

New 2015 Toyota Hilux we’ll be getting a different look to its exterior.  This will include a different looking grill on the front of the vehicle, and alterations to the head- and tail-lights.  The suspension has been redesigned to decrease the sound and vibration of the vehicle as it drives, using newly designed shock absorbers. Inside the vehicle, there is a new climate control system that has been added to make the ride more comfortable for the driver and passengers.  Seats will be cushioned with new natural leather, while new, easy to use, touch screen will make easier for drivers to operate the vehicle. The towing capacity of the vehicle has been increased from roughly 5000 pounds, to well over 6500 pounds.  Active and passive safety features have also been improved on the vehicle. It is expected that the price of the 2015 Toyota Hilux is not going to exceed $40,000, while it starting price should be around $20 000. Its release is expected this fall, but Toyota’s officials didn’t reveal exact date.

2015 Toyota Hilux Side

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