2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Price and specs

With the success of its predecessor, the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse is expected to do even better. However, the car is still a concept car so it is still too early to say when the car may be released or not. With the concept, the car is expected to have a futuristic look and the vision of the car is expected to make the car to be a beauty. Since the launch of the concept, many people are waiting to see this car.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Side

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse performance

The car may have a naïve engine of 2.4 L SOHC MIVEC with four cylinders. It will be able to produce 162 hp while the second option will be 3.8L engine that will be capable of making 265 hp. With all the accompaniments of these engines, the car will be able to have the speed of 0-60 mph in only 6 seconds. The outside of the car will have curved and aerodynamic lines. However, since the car is still in concept, it may have some changes in the future. The headlights of the car will be swept back while the inner corners will be going deeper in thin bars. Under the front that will be made in the LED, the car will have large intake but this will look as if it is unpleasant form according to the entire car. The car rear may also have two air intake which will be in the triangles form while there will also be exhaust pipes under it. The front bumper is also expected to have grooves.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Rear

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse design

To increase the attractiveness of the car, it is expected to have five bars in the aluminum alloy and they will be put on the edges. The car may also have a wheel rim design or a front grille design. Many judgments may be also be made to decide on how the car looks. Even if the car may look as if it is a new car, it will have many features that were found with Mitsubishi Eclipse R. As a new concept, the car is expected to offer many things like the engine that will have super power and the embedded designs which may bring many new things that were not found in the car before. Even if you may not be agreeing with some features of the car, you have to accept that overall look of the car will look thrusting and also will make the car to be reliable.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Interior

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse price and release

Even if the price of the car is yet to be known, it is expected that it will be more than the price of the current model. However, the car is expected to be beautiful so it will attract many customers. So when the car will be in the production, it will bring much hope to the company and the customers. The car may start to be produced in 2014, it can be at the market by 2015. The price and more features of 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be known when the maker makes an official announcements.

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