2015 Lexus IS F Coupe and Sedan Specs

2015 model year will probably leave Lexus IS F without one of its engines. Junichi Furuyama, IS chief engineer, announced this possibility earlier on, saying that 2015 Lexus IS F could drop its 5.0-liter V8 engine in order to meet Euro 6 emission standards.  It will continue to be available in both sedan and coupe body styles, and its exterior will be updated and refreshed. 2015 Lexus IS F 2-door sedan version was recently spotted on the streets of Europe, and according to the words of eyewitnesses new model year brought not only minor changes but a complete makeover.

2015 Lexus IS F Side

2015 Lexus IS F performance specifications are not completely known yet, but Junichi Furuyama  revealed some more details about 2015 Lexus IS F’s  performance beside the lost of its V8 engine. He said that 2015 Lexus IS F will probably be run by either a naturally-aspirated or turbocharged power units. However, Furuyama said that he favorites natural aspiration due to a “more pure experience” that offers. According to some sources 2015 Lexus IS F will probably feature a V6 turbocharged engine, but its displacement is unclear yet.  When the news about 2015 IS F came out, there were some speculations that it could be offered in hybrid variant also. Lexus officials denied these claims, and said that there is a plan for hybrid, but it will be realized in some next generation.

2015 Lexus IS F

2015 Lexus IS F’s exact release date is not published yet, and there are no any reliable information that could reveal when we could expect it. It is known, however, that it will debut at some of the international auto shows during this year. Changes that are made, and known so far, include different design featured on the front end, which will make the 2015 Lexus IS F to look more aggressive and more modern. On the exterior Lexus will also feature a new spindle-shaped grille and a large air intake, while its interior features visible changes on the dashboard and overall improved technologies. 2015 Lexus IS F interior will be more luxuries, and with few great details that accentuate its luxury. Analogue clock and contrast stitching are some of details incorporated into its interior, as well as high-quality materials throughout the entire cabin.

2015 Lexus IS F Interior

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