2015 Ford Bronco Price, interior, release date

The Ford Bronco has always been a tough vehicle for tough people.  Designed with a sharp appearance, but with features and specifications designed to handle any kind of terrain or whether, the Ford Bronco has always been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.  Fans of the vehicle should be happy to know that the 2015 Ford Bronco will be no different. Not much is known about the overall changes that will be designed within the 2015 Ford Bronco.  The reason behind this is that Ford has done everything they can to reduce the number of photos and alterations that outsiders have been able to find out about.  One thing that is known for sure, is that the 2015 Ford Bronco will be returning to one of its earlier exterior design models, taking on a retro appearance.  From all appearances, the 2015 Ford Bronco is looking very much like the 2004 model.

2015 Ford Bronco Side

Engine and fuel efficiency

The new designed has a very boxy appearance to it, a new grille may of chrome analog bars will be included in the design, as will a new front light. While the 2015 Ford Bronco may be getting a retro appearance on the outside, it sure will not be getting one on the inside or within the engine.  There will be an increased fuel efficiency to the engine, and the gossip that is out there is that there will be three different powertrains within the engine.  No official confirmation has been given of this yet, but there is enough inside information to believe that this will be true.

2015 Ford Bronco Rear

Release date, price and design

One thing can be sure within the new design, and that is that it is ready to be an all-terrain vehicle for any kind of condition the driver wants.  The tough exterior, increased wheel size, and hard body tread for tires, should make this vehicle a complete winner with those who like a tough it out in the great outdoors.  While it has a sleek design and stylish appearance, this vehicle was made to get out and the wide open space. It is expected that the standard price for this vehicle will be under $26,000, depending upon the engine and features an owner wants.  Additional amenities and specifications could move the cost of the vehicle to just under $45,000. Because the 2015 Ford Bronco has not really been revealed to the general public yet, it is not known when Ford will actually release the vehicle.  It is likely to be near the end of this year.

2015 Ford Bronco Interior

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