2015 BMW X1 Update, changes, release date

Smallest crossover in BMW’s line up was presented earlier this year, in January, at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. During its presentation, we had a chance to hear and see a lot of its updates. Perhaps the biggest change is in its structure, due to platform change. Famous for its rear-wheel-drive, transition to front wheels, and decision to built 2015 BMW X1 on BMW’s new front-wheel-drive UKL platform surprised almost everyone. Although there might be some critics, BMW engineers decided on this change for two main reasons, it will add some extra space on the inside and it will reduce production costs, which could influence the price of the vehicle. Beside platform, 2015 BMW X1 will record some visible exterior changes and some great interior upgrades. 2015 BMW X1 Rear

Performance and fuel economy

Known for its great performance vehicles, BMW continues to deliver some of the best solutions in engine department, and that is the case with its 2015 BMW X1. Transition to a front-wheel-drive is its first step to get some improvement that this drive system provides, but BMW will not betray its fans, and will offer all-wheel-drive as optional. Info about 2015 BMW X1 engines are unknown yet, but there are some reliable indications. New X1 should be equipped with 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder with horsepower somewhere between 122 and 224 horsepower. Beside this engine new SUV will probably have inline engines with 4 and 6 cylinder, and each one of mentioned engines will provide better fuel economy. Besides being more fuel efficient, 2015 BMW X1 will bring other advantages for its customers, including  lower CO2 emission, more power and advantages gained by platform change.

2015 BMW X1 Interior


The 2015 BMW X1 exterior changes will include, among other, new air intake vents on the front end, daytime running lights, new design for its 17-inch alloy wheels, refreshed front grill and new color shade – Sparkling Brown metallic. On the other hand, 2015 BMW X1 interior will be significantly altered. More space on the inside made BMW’s SUV more comfortable and new materials with some high-class equipment make it more luxurious than ever. New trim accents are also available, so customers will have various choices to make their 2015 BMW X1 as personal as possible.

2015 BMW X1

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