2017 GMC Savana Release Date

The 2017 GMC Savana is a redesign of the 2016 GMC Savanna. It gets to keep its masculine retro look that has become very appealing in the recent past. Is headlights are upgrades to have rounded headlights that are lit with the LED technology which is great and allows much more visibility. The back consists of rectangular taillights that are powered by LED lamps. The front part of this beautiful, magnificent beast has a slim grille and is low. It runs on high performance, twenty inch alloy made wheels from Pirelli.

2017 GMC Savana front

2017 GMC Savana Exterior and Interior

It comes with two doors and an excellent aerodynamic that is quite simply irresistible. The grid has been changed significantly to become thin which just looks adventurous even at first glance. It shows qualities of virility and brute force which comes from the fine material It is made from that promises elasticity and firmness at the same time.

In is new sporty, stylish cabin, one thing is clear- comfort. The seats made from Alcantara and Nappa leather are wider, sexier and provide passengers more pleasure and comfort even in a long drive. The steering wheel is three spoke and is also, like the seats covered in leather and individual controls which allow better operation. 2017 GMC Savana it will maintain three row seats so 9 people will be able to comfortable fit in the van. Making an extension will allow the car to fit up to 15 passengers.

2017 GMC Savana rear

2017 GMC Savana Engine

2017 GMC Savana there is not much information about the engine type that will be in this monster but it is speculated that it will consist of the 6.2 liter V8 engine like the 2016 dodge challenger. This engine has a horsepower of 600 hp and under the hood will be a Hellcat V8 engine which is stronger by about 100 hp of horse power. It will have a manual transmission system, which has been known to go great with the muscle model cars. The gearbox will be an eight- speed automatic which supports the engines. A car is nothing if It does not provide its users high safety standards. The 2017 GMC Savana allows its users to enjoy high quality airbags, an immobilizer, a great new brake system, a traction control and many other features.

2017 GMC Savana interior

2017 GMC Savana Price and Release Date

2017 GMC Savana there is no much information on when the car will released nor an actual price range, however,it is speculated to be released in the autumn of 2016. Its prices should range anywhere between $38,000 and $55,000 depending on which variant you choose.

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